“Cancer is a group of diseases in which abnormal cells divide uncontrolled way and spread to other parts of the body.   There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Cancer is a serious and critical condition; this should not be taken for granted. The best cure is prevention. To prevent cancer it is very important to detect cancer at early stage.”

Peace Medical Tourism has many hospitals which are designed to provide highest levels and quality of professional expertise in all major disciplines of Oncology. Our Doctors teams are highly skilled and renowned surgical oncologist, radiation and medical Oncologists and experts in Nuclear Medicine. Our hospitals are equipped with the most advanced technology, Three- Dimensional Conformal Radiation therapy (3DCRT), IMRT/IGRT &PET Guided Planning and Clinics IX with the Robotic imager.




  • Peace medical tourism advises you second opinion with multiple hospitals as an option for your treatment at affordable cost.
  • Peace medical tourism provides you complete information about Doctors and Hospitals treatment plan and success rate of treatment with an estimated cost.
  • Priority consultation/appointment with Chief Doctors, prior to arrival.
  • Online assistance or video conference to the Patients for pre and post care.
  • Visa services and airport Pick-up.
  • Translator or facilitator services (24 hours assistance*).