Medical tourism is known as health tourism,  medical travel or surgical tourism.   It refers to the movement of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country. Patients may pursue medical care abroad for a variety of reasons, such as decreased cost, a preference for care from providers from a similar culture, or to receive a procedure or therapy not available in their country of residence. Canadians and Europeans have been travelling outside their regions for years to obtain medical procedures due to the long waiting periods associated with socialized medicine. Patients who like to travel for treatment abroad should consult a health provider to get complete advice on before travelling.

Top medical tourism destinations in the world, as of 2017

India Medical Tourism

India is a top destination in medical tourism in terms of affordable health services for companies and patients that cannot afford procedures there in the country. We have many patients around the world, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, African country, Arab country.  English, Arabic, Russian, Uzbeki, Persian. Bengali and French are spoken by our translator who helps to understand more our patient issues.  We have world best Hospital Group, like Apollo, Fortis, Medanta, Global Hospital, Max Hospital, Artemis Hospital and more as the largest player, with over thousands of beds and top 10 hospitals in the world.  Best procedures include -Best Hip Replacement Surgery, Best Knee Replacement Surgery, Best Heart Surgery in India, Best Liver Transplant Surgery in India, Best Kidney Transplant, Best Cosmetic Surgery in India

Turkey Medical Tourism

Turkey is one of the popular medical tourism destinations. Turkey is strategically placed at the meeting point between Europe and Asia. Turkey is popular because of quality that matches European hospitals and the incredibly low cost of medical treatment. Turkey offers high-quality facilities for medical, thermal, spas and wellness services whilst incorporating five-star hotel accommodation into the package this is the destination to patients aiming at looking their best

Costa Rica Medical Tourism

Costa Rica Medical Tourism is one of the best popular medical tourism destinations at an affordable cost in the world, Costa Rica offers high-quality facilities and A well-developed player in medical tourism, making it one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. Most popular procedures include cosmetic surgery and not only for health care but also for national parks and beaches. 

Thailand Medical Tourism

Thailand Medical Tourism is another global medical tourism leader because of a high quality of services that matches European hospitals. Popular treatment includes heart bypass, Cancer and Cosmetic Surgery.  Medical tourism packages may include health tests, dinner cruise and a hotel room

Singapore Medical Tourism

Singapore Medical Tourism is a best medical tourism destination at an affordable cost with a goal of one million medical tourists every year, labour pool, English is a spoken language by hospital staff, well-organized and spotless. Parkway Health is one of the major medical tourism players.